Full Moon

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Selten vorkommende Figur in Rumba und Bolero, die seit 2012 im RAL-Phasensystem der Phase VI zugeordnet ist.

Tänze, die den Full Moon haben:

  • Just Called - Rumba / Peter & Beryl Barton (Juli 1987)
  • Feel My Love / Worlocks August 2008
  • On Days Like These / Preskitts, taught at ICBDA in July 2011
The sequence is essentially the same in all three routines, and the traffic pattern is very similar to doing 
two consecutive half moons, with overturned cross body action so that the shadow New Yorker becomes 
a forward break in Varsou.  Barton CS says "XBody to Vars/COH; Fwd Basic(Lady Twist); XBody to 
Vars/Wall; Hip Twist to Fan;

(Roy Williams - zitiert aus einer Mail auf der Diskussions-Mailingliste Weavers vom 17.10.2011)