Turkish Towel

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Eine Figur im Round Dance in den Rhythmen Cha Cha und Rumba.

Choreographien mit Turkish Towel

  • Angelina (Worlock)
  • Banana Boat Cha (Anderson V)
  • Been There Done That (Rumble)
  • Boom Boom (Rumble)
  • California Dreamin' (Goss) - short one (1 towel) & full one (3 towels)
  • Chilly Chilly Cha (Shibata)
  • Crush (Trankel-Gilder CH V+2+1U) (Video)
  • Cui Zas (Slater)
  • Feel My Love (Worlock)
  • Get Here (Goss)
  • Happy Every After (Goss)
  • Harlem Nocturne (Sandeman)
  • I Remember You (Collipi)
  • If You Forget Me (Anderson)
  • Just My Luck (Rumble)
  • La Gloria (Moore)
  • Life is Beautiful (Woodruff)
  • Lilita Cha (Herrr)
  • Man in Love (Hilton)
  • One Way Ticket (Woodruff)
  • Pincha (Worlock)
  • She Can't Fix Grits (Hurd)
  • Sing A Long Mambo (Worlock)
  • Spanish Town (Rother)
  • Tampa Jive (Macuci) (Video)
  • The Tide Is High (Worlock RB-CH) mit Turkish Towel to a Cross Body